A History of Fiberglass and Composites Technology LLC

Here is how it started. Many of our qualified professionals at F.A.C.T. Group gained experience in the fiberglass pipe division of Rock Island Oil and Refining, later known as Koch Fiberglass Products, during the 1950's into the 1980's. That company formed by Fred C. Koch, an entrepreneur from Wichita, Kansas, was the world's first manufacture filament-wound downhole tubing.

Our engineers have built equipment for over 30 years, which includes building equipment for subsidiaries of Koch Industries (previously known as Rock Island and later known as Koch Fiberglass), which exited the fiberglass business in the late 1980's. F.A.C.T. has improved its manufacturing process and rates and now uses a more diverse group of materials. Our lower overhead allows us to offer products at a savings to the customer without sacrificing QUALITY! That knowledge base of the employees of F.A.C.T. give us the highest experience level, as an average, of any fiberglass pipe and fittings winding company ever.

F.A.C.T. has improved on existing technology and is manufacturing fittings which have an even greater safety factor over those currently offered in the fiberglass marketplace. We have the most diverse group of fiberglass fittings manufacturing staff in the market today with average experience of over 20 years. 

Most endusers feel the industry is lacking personal attention to the distributors and endusers of fiberglass pipe. In many cases, the manufacturers who have been supplying fiberglass pipe and fittings do not react very well to the customer's needs and suggestions. Our company is focused on helping the customer solve problems through the use of standard products as well as developing solutions as needed with new products.

With our new machine capabilities and the positive attitude of our new company, we will be a positive attraction for those customers who are seeking personal attention for fiberglass pipe and fittings. We will become a "ONE STOP SHOP" for fiberglass goods. Our "ONE STOP SHOP" will be for fiberglass products of all kinds with support items.

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