Down Hole Tubing

Down Hole Tubing Description:

F.A.C.T. down hole tubing is a Fiberglass reinforced composite tubing manufactured from new and unique blend of anhydride cured epoxy resin to optimize both physical and thermal properties. The fiberglass reinforcement is wound with a balanced dual angle design.

F.A.C.T. down hole tubing comes with EUE 8RD long form integral joint connections. Male threads are coated for more friction resistance and improved make and break.

F.A.C.T. new design integral collar eliminates the need for special slips.

F.A.C.T. down hole tubing is rated for use in temperatures up to 200ºF (93ºC).

F.A.C.T. down hole tubing standard length is 30 feet (9.14 meters).

Down Hole Tubing Documents:


  • Controls corrosion caused by CO2, H2S & Salt Water
  • Improved flow efficiency


  • Disposal or Injection Wells
  • Production Tubing - ESP, Gas lift, or Rod Pump
  • Chemical Waste Disposal

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